After nearly 30 years, the Common Rule is being updated to deliver unprecedented new research opportunities—but only to those who are ready for them. Please join us to learn how these major regulatory changes can affect your clinical and quality research strategies.

Presented by Leon Rozenblit, JD, PhD, and David Voccola, this was the second in The Next Healthcare Registry Frontier webinar series produced by Prometheus Research and Compliancy Group.

What You'll Learn


Learn how these major regulatory changes can affect your clinical and quality research strategies, this year. 


Identify steps you should be taking now to be ready for the opportunities created by the new rule. 


Outline architectures that will maximize the reuse potential of data derived from both clinical and research activities.


Understand how to bridge the gaps within and between clinical and research data environments. 



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Key Information

Imagine a research environment in which your investigators have access to the cumulative output of your institution, integrated across studies, specimens, and data-types, and immediately available for secondary research—without having to re-consent a single participant. The 2018 Common Rule can deliver unprecedented research opportunities—but only to those forward-thinking enough to take advantage of them.